Clean My Android features and capabilities

Reclaim storage space on your Android by cleaning junk, removing residual files and optimizing device memory.

  • Clean app cache
  • Defrag and optimize internal storage
  • Protect from malicious apps
Corpse Finder Junk Cleaner Antivirus App Manager Database Optimize

App Cache File Cleaner and Junk Remover

Clean leftover files from uninstalled apps

Junk Cleaner frees up space from unnecessary files and folders created by apps through normal use of your device. Junk Cleaner does not delete any apps

We analyzed the junk creating behavior of millions of apps, so Clean My Android can intelligently and efficiently hone in on cache and residual files.

Delete cache and residual files to free up internal and SD card storage space on your Android. Clean cache for individual apps, receive recommendations for removal of rarely used apps.

User Friendly

Easy to understand interface. Translated to over 190 languages

Live Support

We are available 24/7 to answer your questions

Material Design

Updated weekly for the best experience

Android Antivirus

Protection from malicous apps using Google's SafetyNet

Best Antivirus for Android

Scan your device for malicious apps and viruses. Protect your personal data while web browsing or side loading apps.

  • Powered by Google SafetyNet APIs
  • EICAR Compliant
  • Quick Scanning
Best Mobile Security Software Easily remove virus Powered by Google

Task Killer - Memory Optimizer

Android Task Killers improve battery life and performance with one click

  • One tap optimizer
  • Improve battery life
  • Whitelist important apps
Task Killer Improve Battery Life Whitelist apps

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Great app must download!

Marco Hurtado
United States

After prolonged testing on my Android, my phone has more storage space available, and app launch times have never been faster! Can only recommend the app.

Rudy Milasincic

I'm floored! This is an incredible app! Thanks!

Michael McGann
United States

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How to speed up and clean up Android

Android phones slow down over time due to fragmented storage, low disk space, and low RAM. Learn how to keep your Android tidy.

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How to scan and remove an Android virus

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How to defrag Android storage

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